London-based Massive Analytic has announced a £1-million investment in its existing India operations with a view to expanding the employee base and building a Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Massive Analytic is known for deploying Precognition AI to support better decision-making and solving data challenges for industries ranging from healthcare, the built environment (Smart Cities), Lifesciences, 5G, and Aerospace to Defence. It has offices in London, New York, Hong Kong and New Delhi.

Hiring plans

The company will hire for positions ranging from entry-level generalists to experienced staff to fill roles including product owners, business and quality analysts, DevSecOps engineers, data scientists, and developers specialising in Scala/Spark, JavaScript (full stack), Python and Rust, among others.

AI and ML experts can visit the Massive Analytic page and apply for the specific positions available in Bengaluru, a company spokesperson said in an e-mail. Employees enjoy an environment that blends autonomy and collaboration, while building tailored career tracks for themselves.

Pankaj Arora to lead

Team members benefit from continued professional development programmes, a competitive salary package and ongoing reward opportunities with annual performance and retention bonuses based on company, team and individual performance. The company also plans to offer employees the opportunity to participate in the company option pool, enabling them to share in the company’s growing value.

Lead big data analytics engineer Pankaj Arora will head the scale-up of the company's footprint in India. He joined the company in June 2020 and manages development of front-end, back-end, and DevOps stacks.

According to Arora, the capital infusion will allow the company to further develop its footprint in New Delhi, accelerate hiring and focus on further investment. Training and development have always been a priority, and this will allow the company to stay on the cutting edge of AI and ML.

Additional senior hires

Massive Analytic will expand further with additional senior hires in computer vision expected by the year-end. Its team will focus on a number of projects, primarily in health and safety and healthcare applications, which could enable the company to take a leading role in global medical diagnostics.

Founder and Group CEO, George Frangou said last year was a period of growth for the team. "It’s an exciting time as we grow our client base across the built environment, aerospace and defence, med-tech and more, and I’m impressed at the high level of talent we attract.”