IT firm LTIMindtree has issued a clarification to placement officers of various colleges about the recently introduced training programme, IGNITE. This comes after the company faced backlash from freshers for further delaying the onboarding. 

“With the purpose of better utilizing the waiting time for onboarding, we are pleased to bring LTIMindtree’s learning and training program - IGNITE to left-shift the overall training curriculum,” the company wrote in an email - reviewed by businessline- sent to colleges. 

The IGNITE program facilitates a unique opportunity to sharpen and acquire the skills required for transitioning into the corporate world of technology solutions, it added. 

Training programme

LTIMindtree recently introduced the programme and informed freshers about the same. Freshers, who have been long waiting for onboarding, more than a year in some cases, have been asked to enroll in the training programme. However, in the case of non-enrollment, the company would be revoking offers. 

Harpreet Singh Saluja, President of Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate(NITES) said that about 700-800 freshers are waiting for onboarding by LTIMindtree and various freshers have expressed their woes with long waiting times to the union. 

“It is clear that the company is putting these freshers in a state of uncertainty and using this new program as a way to delay their onboarding. This is not only unfair to the freshers who have been eagerly waiting for their employment, but it is also a breach of trust and a violation of their rights as employees. We urge LTI Mindtree to reconsider its decision and provide a clear and transparent process for the onboarding of these freshers,” NITES said in a statement. 

Queries sent by businessline did not receive a response as the company is in silent period ahead of earnings announcement.

As the IT industry stares down the barrel of a global slowdown effect, companies have reduced hiring significantly and delayed the onboarding of freshers. Recently, IT majors Infosys and Wipro fired hundreds of freshers after they failed an internal assessment test. Wipro recently even proposed freshers take up roles for lesser salary packages.