To further its commitment to advancing generative AI and GitHub Copilot, Microsoft India has launched the ‘Fastest Coder’ digital hackathon in partnership with ID8nxt, a digital marketing agency. The hackathon is open to developers and digital natives in India who are invited to demonstrate their skills using GitHub Copilot to win exciting prizes.

This event will give developers and software engineers the chance to build innovative technology solutions that solve real-world problems, using GitHub Copilot.

What awaits winners?

Participants will solve one of five problem statements, which will be revealed an hour before the challenge. The first 100 registrants will also receive an exclusive invitation to hack at Microsoft offices. The hackathon presents an opportunity for developers to build solutions across five themes using GitHub Copilot.

The top winner in each category of the hackathon will receive a cash reward of ₹1 lakh and other participants stand to win Microsoft goodies. Winning developers will be selected based on the functionality and completeness of the code, GitHub Copilot utilization, code quality and readability, user interface and user experience, error handling, validation, innovation, and creativity.

The top-performing solutions will demonstrate a strong understanding of the respective programming languages while leveraging the power of GitHub Copilot to create efficient and practical applications.

Devising solutions

The hackathon is expected to attract participation from over 20,000 developers across India and aims to bring the best of developers together to devise solutions that address diverse business needs across industries using GitHub Copilot.

Himani Agrawal, Country Head, Azure, Microsoft India, said,  “At Microsoft, we are committed to empowering and enabling the developer community in India. Our goal is to provide advanced resources and tools that allow developers to drive innovation and shape the future of technology. With an emphasis on boosting developer productivity through AI, this hackathon highlights the power of GitHub Copilot and its ability to help developers work more efficiently.”