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What’s new on your iPhone with iOS 13?

Mala Bhargava | Updated on September 25, 2019 Published on September 21, 2019

iOS 13   -  Apple

With the upgrade to iOS 13, there are changes and features for devices iPhone 6S onwards

Apple has shifted its operating system for mobiles from iOS 12 to iOS 13.

Models from iPhone 6S onwards can download and update to the new iOS 13. Make sure the phone is connected to a power source and that you have adequate cloud storage, and space on the device. Keep your Apple ID and password handy.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is probably the most talked about and touted feature coming in with iOS 13. It’s long overdue on both Apple and Android phones because it helps make the eyes more comfortable avoiding always looking at a bright glaring white source of light. It will also be less annoying for other people such as a movie theatre or even in bed when your partner wants the lights off.

A Dark Mode should be system-wide and work even for apps not made by Apple, but this is something that can only roll out gradually. For a start though, the Dark Mode on iOS 13 is great and applies to everything that is part of the Apple system, from Settings to App Store and even to Apple’s own wallpapers. You can turn it on or off manually from the Control Panel if you add the new button from main Settings.



Photos have a new feel with the upgrade. Now slick and intuitive, in big previews for your collection of images.

Photos are curated so you can manage and share them better. The new arrangement may take a little getting used to though it’s easy enough. If you have Live Photo’s and videos, you’ll see them playing silently until you tap on one to view it fully.

Duplicates are hidden out of sight to make the screen look more like it has unique images in a collage. To arrange them manually, you would go into All Photos. You can zoom in and zoom out, search easily, control filters and use enhanced editing tools. There are also some enhancements to the Portrait mode in the camera app.

Siri speaks Hindi and more conversational


Siri is now Indian with the update and has caught up with Google Assistant and Alexa who have had Indian voices and accents for a while now and in fact speak Hindi.

Siri in fact does a better job of speaking naturally with a better pacing and more conversational tone. And yet, there is that distinct Indian accent that sounds a little like a more refined television anchor. Siri can now offer personalised suggestions in Apple Podcasts, Safari and Maps. She (or he) can even detect reminders in messages and events in third‑party apps.You can also ask her to play your music as before and also radio stations and podcasts. Users are encouraged to try out Siri Shortcuts which are in a separate folder and must be added by the user. The process can get a little confusing. 


Reminders have been rebuilt now. This too has an app of its own. All you have to do is tap into it and see the quick creation tool New Reminder. You type it in and then you can choose when as well as where to be reminded. When you get into your car, get out of your car, when at a specific location or depending on the time no matter where you are. Reminders can be organised in the app and of course accessed through Siri. In fact, Siri suggests reminders when you’re messaging with someone. You can also tag someone in a reminder and the next time you’re chatting with that person in Messages, a reminder will surface there.The reminders can be descriptive with longer sentences rather than just robotic short ones.

Other changes

There are other changes that come with iOS 13. Some involve performance improvements — faster app launches, apps taking less space, and faster Face ID unlock. The App Store includes a new subscription model for Arcade, the gaming platform, and lots of new features for those who use CarPlay. One of the biggest changes concerns the Health app which now has Cycle Tracking for women, alerts for noisy places which encourage you to take measures to move away or tackle noise levels that can be harmful to your hearing and even a place to log your toothbrushing time!

Indian language support

Specifically for India, there is support for 22 official Indian languages and 15 new Indian language keyboards including predictions for Hindi typing.

iOS 13.1 around the corner?

Despite all the additions and improvements the new system brings, there are bugs and problems being reported. A further update, iOS 13.1 is just around the corner so it might be a good idea to hold off updating your iPhone until it has rolled out. 

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Published on September 21, 2019
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