Mphasis has partnered with Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) to launch a Research Chair for ‘Digital Accessibility and Inclusion’.

As a part of this initiative, Mphasis will build technology to help persons with disabilities (PwD) to overcome digital accessibility barriers, promote research around disability and advocate digital accessibility solutions.

It will also publish global best practices in the area of accessibility for PwD with a large focus on digital accessibility, company officials said.

It will structure and craft a roadmap for policymakers, researchers, practitioners and students to address critical gaps in research and development in digital accessibility.

“This partnership with IIMB is a big milestone for us to collectively make a difference by joining hands in making digital accessibility an important milestone in their journey of CSR,” said Ganesh Ayyar, CEO & Executive Director, Mphasis.

Mukta Kulkarni, the newly named Research Chair, added that the partnership would provide a fillip to sustained studies in the area of organisational diversity management and forms of social inclusion.