Nagarro, a global digital engineering leader, has partnered with Action for Autism, a pioneering organisation for autism spectrum disorder in South Asia, and Atypical Advantage, India’s largest inclusive platform for the employment of persons with disabilities, to launch TestingPro in India.

TestingPro trains people with autism and similar challenges to become software testers, prepare them for the job market and allows them to offer unique skills to businesses. The programme also has a presence in Austria. The collaboration has been made possible by Nasscom’s diversity and inclusion initiative.

“We aim to help people with autism gain financial independence and a sense of purpose, improve their self-identity, and support them in becoming contributing members of the community,” said Merry Barua, founder of Action for Autism. Vineet Saraiwala, founder and CEO, Atypical Advantage, said, “Corporates need to create a livelihood for persons on the autism spectrum by investing in skilling and training.”

“TestingPro is not just a platform for training individuals with autism and similar challenges to become skilled software testers, it is a testament to the power of inclusive innovation,” said Shruti Tandon, Managing Director – People Enablement, and Custodian of DE&I, Nagarro. Leenika Khattar, Nasscom’s director of diversity, inclusion and belonging, said this is a terrific start to a dynamic shift in the workplace inclusion space.