PhonePe’s Indus Appstore will go live in the next two to three months, said Akash Dongre, co-founder & CPO.

The mobile app marketplace wants to cater to India’s diverse population for which it has invited Android app developers to publish their applications on the platform, and will charge a zero per cent fee on in-app purchases.

Indus Appstore

The Indus Appstore Developer Platform is now open for developers to provide localised services tailored for Indian users. It offers developers a fair and equitable platform to thrive in the Indian app market.

They are looking to onboard as many developers as possible and are rolling out incentives for the developers for a smooth onboarding process.

Indus Appstore offer a 24x7 dedicated India-based support via email or chatbot with assured assistance and quick resolution of queries, in a bid to address a common pain point that developers have often faced with Google and Apple. The platform will also offer dedicated account managers.

“We are offering our developer ecosystem 24/7 support, with India-based support,” said Dongre.

Along with support, the Indus Appstore developers platform will have a targeted release management system, wherein the developer can create custom cohorts through the platform and release applications through these custom cohorts, to its targeted user base.

“This is an industry-first feature as by doing custom releases, the developer will know how the app is doing for a specific set of users and then based on the learning do multiple cohorts,” he said.

Another feature that the mobile app store will be an instant update feature, which is essentially designed for app developers to roll out their app updates as early as possible to the largest set of users along with real-time data for better analysis.

“The instant and intelligent feature will depend on the mobile data, device storage and the usage on the device in a way that apps which user uses frequently, will be updated before any other app, which is again an industry-first feature, he said.

The app store will allow developers to list their apps in 12 Indian languages apart from English as well as upload media and videos to their app listings in these languages.

Accelerate program

Indus Appstore has also launched its accelerate program, which will be a launchpad for all the new app developers trying to launch an application in the market.

“The app developers who are selected as part of the Accelerate program, extra visibility on our app store, which will help them stand out in the sea of apps that are there on the App Store,” said Akash.

Indus Appstore will monetise its offering through advertising and value added services for developers. App marketers can get boosted visibility on search, promote their apps on dedicated video slots and run custom targeted ad campaigns.

The company has also struck partnerships with OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) such as Nokia and Motorola, according to reports to integrate the app store to their devices.