RagaAI, an AI testing start-up, has closed a $4.7 million seed funding round. The round was led by pi Ventures with participation from global investors including Anorak Ventures, TenOneTen Ventures, Arka Ventures, Mana Ventures, and Exfinity Venture Partners.

‘’These funds will be used in research and development, innovation and to expand our customer base. Currently we are a team of 40, our goal is to increase to 100 by recruiting professionals in diverse domains such as Data Science, Engineering, and Product”, Gaurav Agarwal, CEO and founder of RagaAI, told businessline.

RagaAI is an automated testing platform for all types of AI including GenAI. RagaAI’s foundation models, called RagaAI DNA, for testing, uses automation to detect AI issues, diagnose and fix them instantly.

The platform offers over 300 different tests to help users triage the issue down to its root cause. It can identify issues as varied as data drift, edge case detection, poor data labelling quality, bias in the data, lack of model robustness or adversarial attacks.

RagaAI is a multimodal platform which supports LLMs, images/videos, 3D, audio, NLP and structured data and reduces 90 per cent of the risks while accelerating AI development by more than 3x.

RagaAI has Fortune 200 & Fortune 500 customers in the US, Europe & India. The pricing is a monthly used based subscription, and it varies based on geography & Industry.

‘’We have partnerships with companies like Nvidia, Qualcomm US, who are the leaders in AI building, pushing the innovation of AI and we are working very deeply with them’‘, said Gaurav.

Manish Singhal, Founding Partner, pi Ventures, said, “In the rapidly expanding AI landscape, the importance of reliable and unbiased systems is crucial, with AI testing emerging as the linchpin for ensuring the safety, reliability, and ethicality of complex models. Driven by their patent pending Drift detection technology, RagaAI, an AI testing platform, is well-suited to solve these massive problems for the AI deployments globally.”