Skype has released its latest update for the platform across all devices.

THe new update includes features such as background blur feature for Android along with bug fixes and improvements.

The background blur feature which was previously available for desktop users and iOS device users will now also be available for Android users with the Skype version 8.68 updated.

The platform has also upgraded the custom reaction picker including adding more reactions for Windows, Linux, and Web as well as for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

The update brings about new bug fixes and stability improvements. The virtual cameras on MacOS X will work again with the update. It has also fixed the missing sound issue in Voice Messages and performance issues with the Emoji picker in the latest version.

The platform has also made some improvements to the Share extension in Skype for iPhone and iPad, adding support for dark theme and improving performance.

The new features will be rolled out gradually over the next few days, Skype said.