Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg said in a blog post that the information on the AI systems behind its algorithms is part of the company’s “wider ethos of openness, transparency, and accountability,” and outlined what Facebook and Instagram users can do to have an edge over what content they see on the platforms.

The platform is releasing 22 system cards for Facebook and Instagram. They give information about how AI systems rank content and predict what content might be most relevant to users. It covers feeds, stories, reels, and other surfaces where people go to find content from the accounts or people they follow. The system cards also cover AI systems that recommend “unconnected” content from people, groups, or accounts they don’t follow.

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Meta’s AI systems predict the value of content. For instance, when a user shares a post, it serves as an indicator of their interest. So, AI systems will push related content. “We use a wide variety of predictions in combination to get as close as possible to the right content, including some based on behaviour and some based on user feedback received through surveys,” the blog post read.

In addition, the platform is expanding Why Am I Seeing This? feature to Instagram Reels tab and Explore, and Facebook Reels in the coming weeks, previously found in some Feed content and ads on both Facebook and Instagram.