Meta recently actioned its last batch of a three-part round of layoffs last week as part of a plan announced in March to eliminate 10,000 roles, a report by Reuters revealed.

A report by businessline revealed Meta has let go of less than 20-30 employees in its India teams.

Several Meta employees shared on LinkedIn their layoff experience. Sonam Jain who served the social media giant as an administrative partner expressed grief that the journey has ended. 

“I had the honour of working with many of the smartest and kindest people I’d ever met. I’m quite upset to be leaving such a great workplace. Thank you to all my incredible Meta mates —I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be part of,” Jain wrote.

Nida Mahmud who focused on Meta’s policy and tech revealed that she was also impacted by the layoffs just after completing an introductory course on artificial intelligence (AI).

“While I am grappling with the loss of an amazing team and truly some of the most fulfilling work of my career, I am in no way done. My commitment to building safe communities is stronger, now more than ever, and I am hopeful this change will lead to many more brilliant opportunities,” she wrote on LinkedIn.

Another former Meta employee of the HR department revealed that he moved to the UK from India for the role a couple of months back.

“Joining Meta was a big move for me as I moved from India to the UK, and it’s really devastating to be in the situation of getting laid off from your new role after just a few months in a new country,” Akash Parnami wrote.

Shilpi Goyal who served Meta as a data analyst wrote that she got to know about her layoff while attending her brother’s convocation in New Jersey.

According to her post, she lost the job exactly one year after she moved from New Jersey to California for her role.

“Last year during this time of the year, I was all packed and ready to move across the country from NJ to California to join my dream company, #Meta,” Goyal wrote.

“My journey with Meta may have lasted only a year, but it was filled with invaluable experiences that will stay with me for a lifetime,” she added.

This comes after Meta India’s Director and Chief of Partnerships Manish Chopra announced his exit from the company after 4.5 years of service.

Chopra announced in a LinkedIn post, “I am stepping down from my role at Meta and will help with the transition over the next few weeks.”