Meta has launched new Reels features on Instagram and Facebook. Earlier this month, the Instagram enhanced a feature to show ‘ultra-tall’ photos like its full-screen Reels display. The six new features shared on a Facebook post include an ‘add your sticker’ on Reels, creator studio insights, monetisation tool ‘stars’, remix in sequence, cross-posting from Instagram to Facebook and auto-created Reels for Facebook.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri revealed the new features on Twitter.

It includes an ‘add yours’ sticker for Reels, allowing users to respond to other Reels with their own. Reels added by users using the ‘Add yours’ prompt will appear on a dedicated page, according to reports, and will show who initiated the prompt giving credit to the original creator.

Meta will allow users to cross-post Reels from Instagram to Facebook. The feature will allow creators to build communities on both platforms and monetise programmes offered by Facebook and Instagram. The company is expanding ‘Stars’ — an ability for users to express support for the Facebook Reels creators — to all eligible creators.

In addition, Meta allows users to ‘remix’ Reels with their clip and the ability to auto-create Reels with Stories and Memories.