Snapchat introduced Snapchat+ — the platform’s paid subscription service in India at ₹49 per month. The platform announced the subscription service as it seeks revenue growth amid layoffs.

The social media platform has seen a fall in the second quarter earnings for the financial year 2022. Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, suffered nearly $422 million net loss with the shares hitting a new 52-week low in the quarterly result.

When a user opts for the Snapchat+ subscription service, a Snapchat+ badge will show up on their profile with a Star mark.

Since the launch of Snapchat+ in June, the service has been there for users in US, UK and Canada at ₹320. The latest launch comes with a collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features to enhance the user interface. The social app also includes a pack of home screen icons that can be customised accordingly for the Snapchat icon.


Snapchat+ users can track who are re-watching stories under ‘My Story Management’, but the names of viewers are hidden. In addition, there is the Solar System feature, a badge for the Friendship Profile for Snapchat+.

The Ghost Trail feature for Snap Map is another recently introduced feature that lets users see the general direction of travel of their friends.

In a move to tackle backlash over child security concerns, Snapchat introduced ‘Family Centre’. Family Centre can be activated by teen consent. After the feature is activated, parents can view their kid’s activity for the past seven days — who they have messaged on the app and other activities. Other social platforms like TikTok and YouTube have taken a similar step towards security for children.