Cryptocurrency exchange WazirX on Friday announced that it has recorded trading volume of over $38 billion in 2021 year-to-date, marking an average of 44 per cent month-on-month growth. The platform clocked in 10x signups this year, reaching 10 million user base.

The maximum growth came from the participation of tier-II and tier-III cities, where signups grew 2,648 per cent. WazirX saw massive adoption from women.

The company also launched its NFT marketplace in 2021, recording net sales of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) amounting to 2,05,126.66 WRX. The platform has a creator-to-collector ratio of 1:53, with a total of 737 creators and 481 collectors. The numbers indicate the increasing participation in blockchain-based NFTs. Witnessing an unprecedented growth, the net NFT minted and sold by artists on the platform amounts to 8,317 and 4,056, respectively, standing at a ratio of 2:05.

WazirX had recently released its transparency report and Blockchain Papers disclosing details on adoption and accounts proactively blocked over the past six months.