Chinese telecom equipment major Huawei, which is having a tough time in India, said on Thursday whatever happens, the company will never leave the Indian market as it is one of the largest and most important centres for the company.

"From the Huawei perspective, we have never changed our strategy for the Indian market. From the very beginning until today...we have considered the Indian market as one of the most important and strategic markets. And, regarding the Indian government's action, until now, we are very closely monitoring, following up and engaging with the government," said the Vice-President, Asia-Pacific, Jay Chen, in response to a query from BusinessLine .

Addressing select mediapersons from Asia, he said, "Whatever happens, we will never leave India and will continue our business in India."

"Until today the Indian government has given a very clear voice for Huawei...they have never said that they will block Huawei in 5G. Of course, the trial for 5G is very late in India...the Indian government has been talking about 5G trials for the last three years but looks like it is going to happen now," he said.

Chen said in 2020, there was some uncertainty regarding Chinese investments in the Indian market, but from Huawei‘s perspective, the company has never changed its strategy because it has a 'very solid place in cooperation with Indian partners'.

After the Galwan valley attack by Chinese troops in June, the government had banned many Chinese apps in India, and had also not given Chinese companies the go-ahead for participate in the 5G trials.

"For the past 20 years that we have been in India, we believe the partnership and harmony has only grown with our partners and the industry. No matter what happens, we believe cooperation will be there. We have never planned or had thoughts to leave India...we will stay with a long-term strategy in the Indian market," Chen explained.

He said Huawei is working with its partners and is engaged with the government. "Let's see what the final decision is. But, we are confident that the government will take the right decision in the interest of the people. Regarding our business partners or customers in India, it is going very well, as usual."

Asked about the government's latest production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for telecom equipment manufacturers, Chen said it is the right decision and Huawei could contribute as a long-term partnership with India.

On its revenue from the Indian market, Chen added that in 2020, the telecom industry as a whole all over the world was not good and India was in a similar situation. The company will share its financial results in March.