WhatsApp, an instant messaging app, is planning to revamp the contact page by removing the ‘Broadcast List’ and the ‘New Group’ rows from the chat list. This update is being done to improve the design of the chat list page.

According to WhatsApp tracker, WABetainfo, WhatsApp, in a future update, is planning to remove the Broadcast lists and the New Group lists from the chat list page.

The Broadcast list will be moved to the contact list page, which will be available when the user clicks on the start a new chat button.

In a screenshot shared by the WABetainfo, the current update has both Broadcast list and New Group list in the same page, but in the future update the Broadcast list and New Group list is moved to the contact page, with the broadcast list on the top left corner.

The report also added that due to the User Interface being in the development stage, WhatsApp may change plans before the release of this update.

Advanced search filters

Earlier, the WABetainfo also released a report saying that WhatsApp is enabling advanced search filters for businesses in Android and iOS. The feature will be only available for WhatsApp businesses.

The feature is said to allow the users to search precisely in the chatbox, and can also filter the chats and messages. A user will be able to see these three options: contacts, non-contacts and unread, when this update is enabled. This feature will be introduced for both Android and iOS, the report added.

There is no official information from WhatsApp regarding the updates.