IT firm Wipro is betting big on AR and AI technology and has joined forces with mirrAR , a AR and AI technology platform for greater personalisation, elevated in-journey commerce and convenience.

mirrAR is an immersive try before buy solution for luxury retailers, providing consumers with the opportunity to make more thoughtful purchases, post virtual visualisation.

From curating personalised routes and creating shopping lists to the ease of tracking items, Wipro has built a technology to engage customers seamlessly through aisles in large indoor spaces and back home, mirrAR said.

Seamless navigation

The indoor location market is projected to reach an impressive $20.35 billion by 2029, showcasing the increasing demand for advanced indoor navigation solutions. Similarly, the location-based services market is expected to surge to $29 billion by 2028, underlining the industry’s rapid growth and potential.

“Navigating the physical world becomes more intuitive with AR-driven wayfinding applications. Users can receive real-time, context-aware information overlaid onto their physical surroundings. Whether exploring virtual cities or navigating augmented maps, AR enhances spatial awareness and simplifies navigation within the immersive world,” said Sudhakar Yadav, Spatial Solution Architect at Wipro.

Wipro said the partnership is set to help spaces capture valuable customer in-store traffic data to understand behaviours and preferences, enabling seamless navigation. The indoor wayfinding solution essentially provides precise and up-to-the-minute directions within large indoor spaces.

The solution is being built on a strong positioning platform foundation, a software development kit (SDK) for development and integration of indoor capabilities in new or existing apps, powered by a wayfinding module for quick integration of its functionalities into existing/new apps, the company noted.