Amid weak availability and report of damage to crops on account of excessive rains this season, bullish trend in moong and urad continued, with moong bold rising to ₹6,800-7,000 a quintal, while moong medium ruled at ₹6,000- 6,500. Moong dal (medium) was quoted at ₹8,200-8,300, moong dal (bold) at ₹8,300-8,400, while moong moongar ruled at ₹8,500-8,600. Urad (bold) was quoted at ₹7,400-7,600, while urad (medium) rose to ₹5,500-6,000. Urad dal (medium) was quoted at ₹7,400-7,500 and urad dal (bold) at ₹7,800-7,900.