Chana drops on weak demand

Our Correspondent Indore | Updated on January 13, 2012 Published on January 13, 2012


Chana declined on weak demand, while masoor and tur were firm on improved buying support on Friday.

Chana (kanta) declined to Rs 3,375-3,400 a quintal as demand dipped at the higher price. Chana (desi) declined by Rs 50 to Rs 3,300. According to trade sources, arrival of new chana in local mandis will gain momentum after January 20. Weak spot chana also pulled down its dal, with chana dal (average) being quoted at Rs 4,050-4,075 a quintal (Rs 4,075-4,100), chana dal (medium) at Rs 4,150-4,175 (Rs 4,175-4,200) and chana dal (bold) at Rs 4,225-4,250 (Rs 4,350-4,375).

Dollar chana or chickpea was unchanged at Rs 7,800-8,000 a quintal on subdued demand in the local market. In local mandis, around 1,000 bags of new dollar chan arrived and sold at Rs 7,900 a quintal, while new dollar chana (graded quality) sold at Rs 8,500. Masoor (bold) increased by Rs 25 a quintal on improved buying support at Rs 3,175. Masoor (medium) gained Rs 50 to Rs 2,850 a quintal on improved demand. Masoor dal was firm, with masoor dal (average) being quoted at Rs 3,425-3,450 a quintal, masoor dal (medium) at Rs 3,550-3,575 and masoor dal (bold) at Rs 3,650-3,575.

Tur and its dal were firm on buying support, with new white tur (Maharashtra) being quoted at Rs 4,175-4,200 a quintal and white tur (Juni) unchanged at Rs 3,450-3,500. Old tur (Nimari) was also unchanged at Rs 2,300-2,800. Traders believe tur yields may fall this year. Tur dal (full) quoted at Rs 5,550-5,600 a quintal, tur da ( sawa no.) at Rs 4,700-4,750 and tur (marka) at Rs 6,000-6,200.

Urad, moong and their dals were unchanged despite subdued demand. Urad (bold) sold at Rs 3,500-3,600, while urad (medium) quoted at Rs 2,800-3,000. Urad dal (average) quoted at Rs 4,050-4,100 a quintal, urad dal (medium) at Rs 4,600-4,650 and urad (mongar) at Rs 5,600-6,000. Moong (bold) quoted at Rs 4,300-4,400 a quintal, while moong (medium) sold at Rs 3,600-3,800. Moong dal (medium) quoted at Rs 4,800-4,850 a quintal, moong dal (bold) at Rs 5,400-5,450 and moong (mongar) at Rs 5,300-5,500.

Published on January 13, 2012
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