Most of the pulse seeds at the mandis in Indore witnessed an uptrend on weak availability. Masur continued to trade higher with its price today being quoted at ₹5,650 a quintal. Compared to last week, masur is ruling ₹100 a quintal higher.

Masur dal (average) today was quoted at ₹6,800-6,900, while masur dal (bold) ruled at ₹7,000-7,100 a quintal.

Uptrend also continued in chana amidst weak availability of government stock with chana kanta today rising to ₹4,850 a quintal. Weak availability of imported stock also lifted tur by ₹100 with tur Maharashtra rising to ₹6,100, while tur Nimari ruled at ₹5,000-5,800 a quintal.

Similarly, urad gained ₹100 to ₹6,200-6,500 a quintal following reports of damage to urad crop on account of recent rains.

Moong ruled firm on subdued buying with moong (bold) today being quoted at ₹6,400-6,600 a quintal, while moong (average) ruled at ₹5,000-5,700.