NSE Clearing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange, has received reaffirmation of its credit rating of Crisil AAA/Stable.

According to Crisil, the rating reflects “strong operational and financial linkages with the parent NSE and comprehensive risk management systems.”

Crisil “AAA/Stable” rating indicates the highest degree of strength with regard to honouring debt obligations.

Crisil has stated that “the systems are regularly upgraded to pre-empt market failures”. It has reaffirmed the outlook for NSE Clearing as “Stable” and states that “NSE Clearing will continue to have a strong market position due to its association with NSE and maintain comprehensive risk management systems and adequate core SGF commensurate with the clearing volumes, over the medium term.”

On an ongoing basis, NSE Clearing continues to address the risks in clearing and settlement with its stringent norms for selection of members, robust margining system, and risk-based position limits and surveillance mechanism.