Sterlite Technologies Ltd announced that it was selected by the UK-based Connexin to help deliver gigabit broadband connectivity in Nottinghamshire. This partnership is part of a £58 million government contract awarded to Connexin under Project Gigabit, aimed at bringing ultrafast broadband to rural areas. 

The company will utilise its smart fibre deployment services to connect approximately 12,000 hard-to-reach premises in Nottinghamshire, including areas such as Kirkby in Ashfield, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Annesley, and Newark on Trent. The initiative is expected to provide residents with broadband speeds of up to 1 Gbps, per the company.

Project Gigabit is the UK government’s flagship £5 billion initiative to ensure that remote areas receive reliable and fast internet connectivity. The contract awarded to Connexin covers around 34,300 premises in Nottinghamshire and West Lincolnshire, aiming to bridge the digital divide in these regions. 

Praveen Cherian, CEO of Global Services Business at STL, said, “For more than 30 years, we have been building network infrastructure and transforming lives. Working with Connexin, we will bring gigabit connectivity to rural communities in the UK, fostering equitable access for all and improving quality of life.” 

The shares were down by 0.74 per cent to ₹126.80 at 3.20 pm on the BSE.