Havells India Limited’s shares were up by 1.54 per cent after the company introduced the Dual Mode Micro Inverter (DMMI), featuring four US patents. The DMMI is equipped with an MPPT-based Solar Charge Controller, converting DC current from solar panels into AC current. Available in two models, DMMI-800 and DMMI-1600, these inverters transition between ON-Grid and Off-Grid modes, accommodating various grid scenarios.

A feature of the DMMI is its integration beneath the solar module, eliminating the need for extensive DC wiring. This enhances safety by operating on low DC voltage. Unlike traditional inverters, where the entire string’s power output drops if one module malfunctions, the DMMI ensures uninterrupted power generation. Furthermore, DMMI can be connected in multiples, allowing for parallel operation at a single site, and providing scalability to meet varying power needs.

For enhanced monitoring and control, DMMI can be linked to EDGE which is a real-time data logging device connecting to home Wi-Fi networks. This enables users to monitor their solar power plant’s performance, load usage, and power export through a user-friendly website or mobile app.

The shares were up by 1.54 per cent to ₹1414.40 at 11.25 am on the BSE.