Shares of Sterlite Technologies Ltd (STL) have surged by 7.07 per cent on the NSE, trading at ₹143.95 as of 12:23 pm on Wednesday. The company has announced a partnership with Lumos to build a 100 per cent fibre optic internet network in the mid-Atlantic region. 

In the long-term engagement, STL will offer advanced, purpose-engineered optical fibre cable designs to meet Lumos’ network requirements, the company said in its statement. 

“In building out our large scale 100 per cent fibre optic network, reliable partners with the latest fibre technology, local presence, and fast delivery are paramount. I believe STL will be a great partner to help us deliver world-class, seamless fibre connectivity to our customers,” said David Smith, Chief Network Officer at Lumos.

Commenting on the engagement, Paul Atkinson, CEO of Optical Networking Business at STL said, “We are confident that with Lumos’ support, we will be able to create value in this project of national importance.”