Monday, May 13, 2019

Cross-currency Rates

As on : May 13, 2019

Pound Sterling ( 1 Pound Sterling is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees91.78
Australian Dollar1.8678
Canadian Dollar1.7496
Danish Kroner8.6556
Hong Kong Dollar10.2187
Indonesian Rupiah18762.0605
Japanese Yen *142.7789
New Zealand Dollar1.9786
Norwegian Kroner11.3777
Singapore Dollar1.7819
South Korean Won1545.3673
Swedish Kroner12.5525
Swiss Franc1.3124
Thai Baht41.2568
US Dollar1.3019
Chinese Yuan8.9633
Arab Emirates Dirham5.2269
Euro (1 Euro is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees79.21
Australian Dollar1.6119
Canadian Dollar1.5099
Danish Kroner7.4695
Hong Kong Dollar8.8184
Indonesian Rupiah16191.1284
Japanese Yen *123.2142
New Zealand Dollar1.7075
Norwegian Kroner9.8186
Pound Sterling0.863
Singapore Dollar1.5377
South Korean Won1333.6083
Swedish Kroner10.8325
Swiss Franc1.1326
Thai Baht35.6035
US Dollar1.1235
Chinese Yuan7.7351
Arab Emirates Dirham4.5106
US Dollar (1 US dollar is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees70.50
Australian Dollar1.4347
Canadian Dollar1.3439
Danish Kroner6.6484
Hong Kong Dollar7.849
Indonesian Rupiah14411.2837
Japanese Yen *109.6696
New Zealand Dollar1.5198
Norwegian Kroner8.7393
Pound Sterling0.7681
Singapore Dollar1.3687
South Korean Won1187.0086
Swedish Kroner9.6417
Swiss Franc1.0081
Thai Baht31.6897
Chinese Yuan6.8848
Arab Emirates Dirham4.0148
Canadian Dollar (1 Canadian $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees52.46
Australian Dollar1.0676
Danish Kroner4.9471
Hong Kong Dollar5.8405
Indonesian Rupiah10723.426
Japanese Yen *81.6051
New Zealand Dollar1.1308
Norwegian Kroner6.5029
Pound Sterling0.5715
Singapore Dollar1.0184
South Korean Won883.2522
Swedish Kroner7.1744
Swiss Franc0.7501
Thai Baht23.5803
US Dollar0.7441
Chinese Yuan5.1229
Arab Emirates Dirham2.9874
Swiss Franc (1 Swiss Franc is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees69.93
Australian Dollar1.4232
Canadian Dollar1.3331
Danish Kroner6.5951
Hong Kong Dollar7.786
Indonesian Rupiah14295.5846
Japanese Yen *108.7891
New Zealand Dollar1.5076
Norwegian Kroner8.6691
Pound Sterling0.7619
Singapore Dollar1.3577
South Korean Won1177.4788
Swedish Kroner9.5643
Thai Baht31.4352
US Dollar0.992
Chinese Yuan6.8295
Arab Emirates Dirham3.9826
Japanese Yen* (100 Japanese Yen are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees64.28
Australian Dollar1.3082
Canadian Dollar1.2254
Danish Kroner6.0622
Hong Kong Dollar7.157
Indonesian Rupiah13140.6378
New Zealand Dollar1.3858
Norwegian Kroner7.9688
Pound Sterling0.7004
Singapore Dollar1.248
South Korean Won1082.3498
Swedish Kroner8.7916
Swiss Franc0.9192
Thai Baht28.8956
US Dollar0.9118
Chinese Yuan6.2777
Arab Emirates Dirham3.6608
Danish Kroner (1 Danish Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees10.60
Australian Dollar0.2158
Canadian Dollar0.2021
Hong Kong Dollar1.1806
Indonesian Rupiah2167.6206
Japanese Yen *16.4956
New Zealand Dollar0.2286
Norwegian Kroner1.3145
Pound Sterling0.1155
Singapore Dollar0.2059
South Korean Won178.5396
Swedish Kroner1.4502
Swiss Franc0.1516
Thai Baht4.7665
US Dollar0.1504
Chinese Yuan1.0355
Arab Emirates Dirham0.6039
Swedish Kroner (1 Swedish Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees7.31
Australian Dollar0.1488
Canadian Dollar0.1394
Danish Kroner0.6896
Hong Kong Dollar0.8141
Indonesian Rupiah1494.6852
Japanese Yen *11.3745
New Zealand Dollar0.1576
Norwegian Kroner0.9064
Pound Sterling0.0797
Singapore Dollar0.142
South Korean Won123.1122
Swiss Franc0.1046
Thai Baht3.2867
US Dollar0.1037
Chinese Yuan0.7141
Arab Emirates Dirham0.4164
Norwegian Kroner (1 Norwegian Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees8.07
Australian Dollar0.1642
Canadian Dollar0.1538
Danish Kroner0.7608
Hong Kong Dollar0.8981
Indonesian Rupiah1649.0188
Japanese Yen *12.549
New Zealand Dollar0.1739
Pound Sterling0.0879
Singapore Dollar0.1566
South Korean Won135.8241
Swedish Kroner1.1033
Swiss Franc0.1154
Thai Baht3.6261
US Dollar0.1144
Chinese Yuan0.7878
Arab Emirates Dirham0.4594
New Zealand Dollar (1 New Zealand $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees46.39
Australian Dollar0.944
Canadian Dollar0.8843
Danish Kroner4.3747
Hong Kong Dollar5.1647
Indonesian Rupiah9482.6247
Japanese Yen *72.1626
Norwegian Kroner5.7505
Pound Sterling0.5054
Singapore Dollar0.9006
South Korean Won781.0516
Swedish Kroner6.3442
Swiss Franc0.6633
Thai Baht20.8518
US Dollar0.658
Chinese Yuan4.5302
Arab Emirates Dirham2.6417
Australian Dollar (1 Australian $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees49.14
Canadian Dollar0.9367
Danish Kroner4.634
Hong Kong Dollar5.4708
Indonesian Rupiah10044.767
Japanese Yen *76.4405
New Zealand Dollar1.0593
Norwegian Kroner6.0914
Pound Sterling0.5354
Singapore Dollar0.954
South Korean Won827.3534
Swedish Kroner6.7203
Swiss Franc0.7026
Thai Baht22.0879
US Dollar0.697
Chinese Yuan4.7987
Arab Emirates Dirham2.7983
Singapore Dollar (1 Singapore $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees51.51
Australian Dollar1.0482
Canadian Dollar0.9819
Danish Kroner4.8575
Hong Kong Dollar5.7347
Indonesian Rupiah10529.2314
Japanese Yen *80.1272
New Zealand Dollar1.1104
Norwegian Kroner6.3851
Pound Sterling0.5612
South Korean Won867.2571
Swedish Kroner7.0444
Swiss Franc0.7365
Thai Baht23.1532
US Dollar0.7306
Chinese Yuan5.0302
Arab Emirates Dirham2.9333
Hong Kong Dollar (1 HongKong $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees8.98
Australian Dollar0.1828
Canadian Dollar0.1712
Danish Kroner0.847
Indonesian Rupiah1836.0589
Japanese Yen *13.9724
New Zealand Dollar0.1936
Norwegian Kroner1.1134
Pound Sterling0.0979
Singapore Dollar0.1744
South Korean Won151.2299
Swedish Kroner1.2284
Swiss Franc0.1284
Thai Baht4.0374
US Dollar0.1274
Chinese Yuan0.8771
Arab Emirates Dirham0.5115
Thai Baht (1 Thai Baht is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees2.22
Australian Dollar0.0453
Canadian Dollar0.0424
Danish Kroner0.2098
Hong Kong Dollar0.2477
Indonesian Rupiah454.7629
Japanese Yen *3.4607
New Zealand Dollar0.048
Norwegian Kroner0.2758
Pound Sterling0.0242
Singapore Dollar0.0432
South Korean Won37.4573
Swedish Kroner0.3043
Swiss Franc0.0318
US Dollar0.0316
Chinese Yuan0.2173
Arab Emirates Dirham0.1267
Indonesian Rupiah* (100 Indonesian Rupiah are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees0.49
Australian Dollar0.01
Canadian Dollar0.0093
Danish Kroner0.0461
Hong Kong Dollar0.0545
Japanese Yen *0.761
New Zealand Dollar0.0105
Norwegian Kroner0.0606
Pound Sterling0.0053
Singapore Dollar0.0095
South Korean Won8.2367
Swedish Kroner0.0669
Swiss Franc0.007
Thai Baht0.2199
US Dollar0.0069
Chinese Yuan0.0478
Arab Emirates Dirham0.0279
South Korean Won* (100 South Korean Won are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees5.94
Australian Dollar0.1209
Canadian Dollar0.1132
Danish Kroner0.5601
Hong Kong Dollar0.6612
Indonesian Rupiah1214.0842
Japanese Yen *9.2392
New Zealand Dollar0.128
Norwegian Kroner0.7362
Pound Sterling0.0647
Singapore Dollar0.1153
Swedish Kroner0.8123
Swiss Franc0.0849
Thai Baht2.6697
US Dollar0.0842
Chinese Yuan0.58
Arab Emirates Dirham0.3382
Chinese Yuan (1 Chinese Yuan is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees10.24
Australian Dollar0.2084
Canadian Dollar0.1952
Danish Kroner0.9657
Hong Kong Dollar1.1401
Indonesian Rupiah2093.2134
Japanese Yen *15.9293
New Zealand Dollar0.2207
Norwegian Kroner1.2694
Pound Sterling0.1116
Singapore Dollar0.1988
South Korean Won172.4109
Swedish Kroner1.4004
Swiss Franc0.1464
Thai Baht4.6029
US Dollar0.1452
Arab Emirates Dirham0.5831
Arab Emirates Dirham (1 Arab Emirates Dirham is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees17.56
Australian Dollar0.3574
Canadian Dollar0.3347
Danish Kroner1.656
Hong Kong Dollar1.955
Indonesian Rupiah3589.5339
Japanese Yen *27.3163
New Zealand Dollar0.3785
Norwegian Kroner2.1768
Pound Sterling0.1913
Singapore Dollar0.3409
South Korean Won295.6577
Swedish Kroner2.4015
Swiss Franc0.2511
Thai Baht7.8932
US Dollar0.2491
Chinese Yuan1.7148
Indian Rupees (1 Rupee is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Australian Dollar0.0204
Canadian Dollar0.0191
Danish Kroner0.0943
Hong Kong Dollar0.1113
Indonesian Rupiah204.4154
Japanese Yen *1.5556
New Zealand Dollar0.0216
Norwegian Kroner0.124
Pound Sterling0.0109
Singapore Dollar0.0194
South Korean Won16.837
Swedish Kroner0.1368
Swiss Franc0.0143
Thai Baht0.4495
US Dollar0.0142
Chinese Yuan0.0977
Arab Emirates Dirham0.0569
* for 100 units

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Published on May 13, 2019
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