Insurance Samadhan, an insurance grievance resolution platform, and Ola Insure, the insurance arm of Ola, will collaborate to provide customers with a comprehensive insurance solution.

The collaboration will involve the exclusive services of Insurance Samadhan’s mobile application, such as grievance services like mis-selling, claim rejection, delay, and short settlement, in addition to other services such as “Know Your Policy” and “Portfolio Analysis,” to educate customers about hidden insurance terms and conditions.

“We are excited to partner with Ola Insure to provide our expertise in insurance grievance resolution services to their growing customer base. We aim to enhance our services and reach a wider audience,” said Deepak Bhuvneshwari Uniyal, co-founder and CEO, Insurance Samadhan.

Value-added services

This collaboration will enable Samadhan to expand its customer base by providing its services to Ola Insure’s growing customer base. According to the company, Ola Insure aims to provide quick and effective resolution of policy-related issues to its customers through Samadhan’s platform, improving customer satisfaction levels and providing value-added services.

“By partnering, we aim to improve our customer satisfaction levels and provide value-added services to our growing customer base,” said Pranshu Diwan, Senior Director and Head of Insurance, Ola Insure.

According to a press release, the collaboration between the two companies represents an opportunity to expand their reach, share knowledge, and expertise, and develop new products or services. Insurance Samadhan offers services to resolves claim-settlement issues and provides assistance in case settlement, and claims recovery in case of insurance fraud.