Liminal Custody, a Singapore-based digital asset custody and wallet infrastructure platform, announced the registration of its Indian entity ‘First Answer India Technologies Private Limited’ with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of India.

The FIU registration empowers Liminal Custody to operate seamlessly within India’s established regulatory framework to combat money laundering and terrorist financing activities. This strengthens its position as a trusted partner for institutions seeking to confidently navigate the digital asset landscape, said the company.

“We have been working closely with many regulatory agencies, including the FIU in India to build a cohesive framework that can help mitigate all the risks around digital assets for both - businesses as well as end users. We are incredibly proud to receive FIU registration,” said Manhar Garegrat, Country Head, India and Global Partnerships at Liminal Custody.

Financial Intelligence Unit - India (FIU-IND) is the central, national agency responsible for receiving, processing, analysing and disseminating information relating to suspicious financial transactions to enforcement agencies and foreign FIUs. Liminal Custody also actively manages seized digital assets for the Central Bureau of Investigation, India’s premiere investigation agency.

“This achievement underscores our firm determination to foster trust and transparency within the digital asset industry. The FIU registration significantly enhances our ability to serve institutional clients across India, providing them with the peace of mind and regulatory compliance they deserve.” Garegrat added.