Paytm has enabled users to make instant payments through their Paytm registered card by tapping their phone on a PoS machine. This service — ‘Tap to Pay’— will be possible even if the phone is locked or there is no mobile data or internet connection.

Paytm’s Tap to Pay service is available for Android and iOS users paying through Paytm All-in-One PoS devices and PoS machines of other banks.

“True digitisation of financial services can only happen when it is not hindered by the limitations of data. With the introduction of Tap to Pay, we are now enabling our users to carry out all digital transactions with or without mobile data. This service is supported by Paytm All-in-One PoS, and also by most major banks and card networks to give our users the widest range of choices”, a Paytm spokesperson said.

With the latest ‘Tap to Pay’ service, Paytm uses its technology to convert the selected card’s 16-digit primary account number (PAN) into a secured transaction code or a “digital identifier”.

This digital identifier ensures that a user’s card details remain only with the user and is not shared with any third party payment processor. When users visit a retail outlet, they can tap and pay on the PoS device, without sharing their card details through the transaction.

With the latest feature, payments can be made at all retail outlets, which have card machines that support NFC (near field communication). The cards can be managed through a dedicated dashboard on the Paytm app that offers a section on the transaction history of the card and at any moment can also change the primary tokenised card in a few simple steps. The dashboard also allows the user to change or de-tokenise the card whenever required.