Unimoni Financial Services, a leading NBFC, has officially entered into a strategic partnership with CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd, one of the crucial enablers of the Digital India Programme.

The initial phase of the partnership will focus on elevating air travel services to new heights, providing travellers with seamless booking experiences, competitive fares, and exceptional customer support. With Unimoni’s robust financial expertise and CSC’s technological skills, customers can expect a one-of-a-kind journey from booking to boarding.

Sanjay Rakesh, Managing Director-CEO, CSC SPV said, “It is the endeavour of CSC that the services related to the basic needs of the people reach their doorstep. This agreement is a step in this direction. The movement of people has increased and thus the demand for transport facilities has increased. Unlike cities, villages lack a reliable support system that can help citizens with travel facilities. Our CSC VLE will provide all these facilities through Unimoni.”

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Unimoni travel booking platform has been integrated with Digital Seva Portal with login IDs for VLEs to log in to the service to book air travel tickets and hotel bookings. Further, VLEs will also be able to generate leads for gold loans and also provide EMI collection through Unimoni. Formerly known as UAE Exchange, Unimoni is a global financial company with expertise in money transfers, forex, payments, and credit solutions.

“We look forward to a future where our collective efforts will empower individuals, families, and businesses, enabling them to explore new horizons and connect effortlessly”, stated Unimoni CEO Krishnan R.

Looking ahead, Unimoni is committed to expanding its collaborative efforts to introduce a range of innovative services. These future offerings will include hotel bookings, holiday packages, domestic money transfers etc.