In this episode of the State of the Economy podcast, businessline’s Jyothi Datta talks to Dr V Mohan, Chairman, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre, about the nuances of diabetes and the latest developments in treatments and medications.

The podcast begins by talking about the implications of living with diabetes, especially for a country like India, which houses the second-largest population of people with diabetes after China. Dr. Mohan emphasises that periodic screening is crucial to identify diabetes early and prevent uncontrolled diabetes from progressing for many years.

Dutta highlights that a significant number of people with diabetes remain unaware of their condition. The discussion continues to acknowledge this and emphasises the importance of periodic screening to detect diabetes and pre-diabetes early.

The conversation then shifts to the introduction of new developments in diabetes medications, particularly injectables like semaglutide and others gaining popularity globally. Dr. Mohan provides insights into the effectiveness of these drugs in controlling diabetes and achieving weight reduction.

Dr. Mohan explores the accessibility of these drugs in India, addressing concerns about their high cost. He goes on to acknowledge the effectiveness of these drugs but raises the issue of affordability for a common person. He suggests exploring the production of generics or biosimilars by Indian manufacturers to make these medications more accessible. The discussion expands to cover the recent launch of a biosimilar of insulin aspart in India and its significance in making insulin more affordable for patients.

As the conversation concludes, Dr. Mohan offers key messages to those living with diabetes, encouraging regular check-ups, adherence to medications, and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

(Host: Jyothi Datta, Producer: Amitha Rajkumar and Anjana PV


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