The rise of India’s middle class is the focal point in this episode of the State of the Economy podcast. 

PRICE’s report on The Rise of the Middle Class and Kantar’s Consumer Connections 2023 report explore the shifting dynamics, like the rise of nuclear families, and its impact on consumption patterns.

In this podcast, Chitra Narayanan examines these trends with Shiv Shivakumar and Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head at Parle Products Pvt. Ltd. They focus on the dynamic middle class and its growing influence on the market. Both guests discuss the reasons that have led to a significant change in the lives of those living in rural areas, which has contributed to the growth of middle- and upper-middle-class consumers. 

The mindset of rural and semi-urban consumers is shifting towards aspirational and premium products, leading to an increase in the consumption of premium and semi-premium items. Shiv Shivkumar points out that the premiumization trend is expected to continue, and believes that companies must focus on maintaining quality and innovation to appeal to consumers during even inflationary times.

Mayank Shah notes that the differences between urban and rural areas are shrinking and that some premium products perform well in rural regions. The guests remark that exposure to digital media and increasing awareness have led to similar aspirations among both urban and rural consumers, even though there are some differences in preferences.

Overall, the podcast delves into the evolving consumption trends in India, driven by the growth of the middle class and the changing family dynamics, and offers valuable insights for marketers and businesses looking to tap into this dynamic market

(Host: Chitra Narayanan, Producer: V Nivedita)

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