In this episode of the State of the Economy podcast, businessline’s Kurmanath K V talks to Nishant Patel, Founder and CTO of ContentStack and Dayakar Puskoor, Founder and Managing Director of Dallas Venture Capital about the intricacies of startup investments amidst a shifting landscape. The discussion sheds light on critical aspects that determine a startup’s success in securing funds. 

The podcast not only explores challenges but also highlights opportunities within specific sectors. With a focus on mobility, EV, AI, and cybersecurity, the experts discuss promising sectors that are weathering the storm and attracting investor attention. 

The discussion goes on to talk about India’s emergence as a hotbed for SaaS companies, echoing the success story of IT giants. Puskoor emphasises the untapped potential in Indian startups, predicting a future where Indian SaaS companies dominate the global market.