In this State of the Economy podcast, Abhishek Law dives deep into the realm of real estate trends with special guest Gautam Saraf, Managing Director, Mumbai & New Business at Cushman & Wakefield.

The conversation starts with a focus on the emergence of diversified segments within the real estate market. Saraf elaborates on the significant growth observed in alternate sectors such as logistics, infrastructure, warehousing, and data centers. He attributes this surge to a confluence of factors, including supply chain disruptions, the rapid shift to online retail, and government initiatives like the Production Linked Incentive scheme.

Saraf goes onto outline the transformative impact of data centers, emphasising their critical role in enabling digital transformation and supporting India’s burgeoning digital economy. He elucidates how factors like power availability and optic fiber connectivity drive the proliferation of data centers, with regions like Mumbai, Chennai, and Noida emerging as key hubs.

As the discussion goes on, Saraf explores sustainability considerations within the real estate sector, particularly in data center operations. He also elucidates on the adoption of green energy practices and measures to enhance energy efficiency, aligning with global trends towards carbon neutrality.