In this businessline podcast, Anjana PV talks to Vinson Kurian about the financial crisis faced by Kerala and the possible reasons behind the same. The podcast focuses on how the crisis is affecting the Onam celebrations. The state’s history of revenue deficit and lack of proactive financial management have contributed to its current dire situation.

Despite concerns about reduced bonuses and ration kits, the government is keen to maintain these for the emotional significance they hold. However, inflation, potential electricity rate hikes, and a poor monsoon pose additional challenges. The podcast emphasises the need for individuals to tighten their belts, employ frugal practices, and explore EMI options.

Kerala has sought aid from the central government, including ad hoc borrowing, but a response has not been received. While Kerala’s financial woes are complex, addressing the state’s high committed expenses, finding new revenue sources, and implementing more effective financial management are key steps towards achieving a more sustainable and prosperous economy.

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