As we speak, India is on the brink of a milestone in its renewable energy journey. This October 2023, the nation’s solar capacity is poised to cross the remarkable 75 GW mark, marking an exceptional feat in the world of sustainable energy. Join us in this video as we explore the evolving landscape of renewable energy in India and dive deep into the three significant megatrends shaping the country’s green energy future.

In 12 years, India has transformed from having just 13 GW of wind power capacity and zero solar capacity in 2009-10 to boasting 45 GW of wind and an impressive 75 GW of solar today. The sector is evolving rapidly, and in this episode, we’ll delve into the three overarching themes that are propelling India towards fulfilling its international commitments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The first theme is “Technological Advancements.” We explore the evolution of wind turbine technology, from modest 250 kW machines to today’s colossal 5.2 MW turbines. Solar technology has advanced even faster, with modules producing 3-3.5% more energy at similar costs. We also touch on emerging technologies like motionless trackers, agro-voltaics, artificial intelligence, and drones, all of which are revolutionising renewable energy in India.

The second megatrend is the “Convergence of Wind and Solar, and Storage.” We discuss how capacity auctions for round-the-clock supply have led to the fusion of wind, solar, and energy storage. This convergence is not only environmentally advantageous but also economically feasible due to the falling cost of stored green power. Real-world examples highlight the positive trajectory of renewable energy costs, shaping the future of India’s power generation landscape.

The third and final megatrend is “State Governments Getting Into the Act.” In the past, renewable energy projects were primarily driven by central government initiatives. However, a new wave of ambition is sweeping across India’s states, with Gujarat, Rajasthan, Odisha, Assam, and more setting ambitious renewable energy targets. We explore these state-level plans and their significant implications for India’s green energy future.

These three megatrends are intricately connected and have a profound impact on India’s path to renewable energy dominance. Together, they pave the way for a promising future, where technology continues to advance, renewable energy becomes more affordable, and state governments play a pivotal role in driving India’s sustainable energy revolution.

Host: M Ramesh

Video: Bijoy Ghosh, Siddharth MC.

Producer: V Nivedita.