Adani Energy Solutions has commissioned the Warora-Kurnool transmission line spanning 1,756 circuit kilometres across Maharashtra, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

The project is meant to strengthen the national grid for seamless flow of 4,500 MW power between the western and southern regions.

It is expected to strengthen the southern region grid and support large-scale integration of generation from renewable energy sources.

Warora-Kurnool Transmission (WKTL) was incorporated in April 2015 to establish an additional inter-regional alternate current link for import into southern region along with the creation of a 765/400 kV sub-station in Warangal. WKTL is the largest 765 kV D/C (Hexa conductor) TBCB (tariff-based competitive bidding) project awarded under a single scheme.

It involved laying a 1,756 ckm transmission line across Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and the construction of a 765 KV sub-station in Warangal on a build, own, operate and maintain basis.

It was awarded on a tariff-based competitive bid to Essel InfraProjects in early 2016 and subsequently acquired by AESL in March 2021, following the stressed debt restructuring undertaken by lenders.

As much as 1,03,000 tonnes of steel was used for erecting the towers, equivalent to setting up 10 Eiffel towers.

A total of 30,154 km of conductor was used for the transmission lines, enough to circle the moon thrice.