Andhra Pradesh has been ranked in the ‘Atti Uttam’ (Highest ranking) category of States that provide better access to education with infrastructure, according to the latest data released by the Performance Grading Index (PGI) of the Ministry of Education, India.  

The PGI structure comprises total weightage of 1,000 points across 73 indicators, which are grouped under 2 categories viz., outcomes and governance & management. “In fact, we are hopeful of even higher ranking for the next assessment which is likely later this year in view of the positive outcome of many initiatives taken by the State government in last four years,’‘ Praveen Prakash, Principal Secretary, Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh told businessline. According to Praveen Prakash, the efforts to promote education in the State cover all aspects of education including motivating parents to send their children to schools by incentivising it through Vidaya Kanuka scheme. The government provides ‘top-class’ infrastructure to compete with the private schools while ensuring digital and quality instruction, he said. 

The Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) of Andhra Pradesh for the year 2018-19 in primary education was 84.48 when compared to the national average of 99.21. As per the official data, in the last four years, GER surged from 84.48 to 100. 

As per the State Budget estimates, the government spent ₹66,722 crore on about 10 schemes related to education including Jaganna Ammovadi, Jaganna Vidya Kanuka, Jaganna Goru Muddha and Nadu-Nedu.


The Ammavadi scheme, which offers ₹15,000 financial assistance per year to the poor and needy mothers who send their wards to the school. 

Under the Nadu-Nedu scheme, many govt schools now boast of a well-stocked library, a music room, and a computer lab. With swanky facilities, the government schools have transformed a lot. .

“Infrastructure makes a big difference not only in enrollment alone. There has been an increasing interest among students to come to school regularly in view of a wide range of learning activities,” said Durga Bhavani, Headmistress of a school in Krishna district.

The infrastructure upgradation under Nadu-Nedu scheme has been completed in 15,715 and 22,344 schools in the first and second phases respectively with ₹11,669 crore. Digital education is also being encouraged with the distribution of free tablets to class 8 students and teachers.