Increasing the air-conditioner temperature setting by just 1 degree Celsius can save about 6 per cent of electricity consumption, according to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

A BEE statement said that typically the temperature is set at 20-21 degree Celsius, whereas, the comfort number is 24-25 degree Celsius. A change from 20 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius, has the potential to save about 24 per cent of power.

Users will be able to save significantly energy (and money) by running their air-conditioners at 24 degree Celsius, the statement added. BEE also said that the overall potential for energy conservation through such measures is estimated at 20 billion units (worth ₹10,000 crore) annually.

If about 50 per cent of the consumers adopt the recommendation, this would result in savings of 10 billion units of electricity, which is equivalent to reduction of 8.2 million tonnes of carbon-dioxide per year.

BEE also noted that the default, or factory, setting can be re-set by the user.