States that faced droughts in three years (2015-16 to 2017-18) were left to fend for themselves as the Centre approved a meagre assistance of 19 per cent, against the help sought by them to tackle droughts.

The State governments had asked for financial assistance of ₹1,23,605 crore during the three years under the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF). However, the Centre provided just ₹23,190 crore

The data compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare show that Tamil Nadu was the least favoured as it received just 4 per cent funds against the total demand. In 2016-17, the Tamil Nadu government had urged the Centre to sanction ₹39,565 crore from the NDRF. Out of 16,682 revenue villages in the State, 13,305 villages were identified as drought-affected. The ground assessment exercise carried out in 1,564 villages had revealed that in about 87 per cent of the area, the extent of the damage was more than 50 per cent indicating that the drought was ‘severe’ in a majority of the villages. However, the Centre released only ₹1,748.28 crore to the State. The State did not ask for any funds under NDRF during these three years after the Centre’s rebuff.


Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh demanded funds every year under NDRF. Rajasthan asked for ₹21,648 crore and received ₹2,387 crore or 11 per cent of the total funds sought. Andhra Pradesh sought assistance of ₹5,193 crore and received ₹1,065 crore (21 per cent).

Among the States that received maximum funds, Uttarakhand topped the list. It received 76 per cent of the assistance sought. However, the State had asked for just ₹91,97 crore in three years. Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra received 45- per cent and 38-per cent assistance respectively.

Majority of the States had asked funds for tackling drought. But Rajasthan asked for assistance of ₹4,372 crore to tackle hailstorm in 2015-16, while Maharashtra asked for ₹3,373 crore to help farmers control pest attack.