Healthcare start-ups like S10 Healthcare Solutions, which allows patients to schedule appointments with doctors online, are seeing a rise in the demand for wellness and preventive care treatments.

Sridharan Sivan, Founder of S10 Healthcare Solutions, said, “Earlier, people went to the doctor only when they fell sick. But now, that notion has undergone a huge change. They wish for a better quality of life, which has given rise to preventive care and wellness.”

S10 Healthcare Solutions, a Chennai-based start-up, has tied up with 25 medium-sized clinics and has 1.5 lakh registered users. Most clinics, being speciality service providers in the areas of dental, eye, reproductive wellness, dermatology, and sports, the start-up’s primary focus is building its speciality care network. The platform also

provides wellness packages, a combination of two or three related treatments at a competitive rate, availed by 60 per cent of the customer base.


Sivan said that with the spending on wellness and preventive healthcare likely to increase in the country, the company is planning to expand its operations.

The services, currently available in Chennai, will be expanded to Tiruchi and Madurai. The company has plans to take it nationally to 12 locations, starting with Delhi. “We aim to enrol 100 clinics in Chennai by 2016 and 2,500 across the country in next two years,” Sivan said.

In the pipeline

Online consultation for problems related to dermatology will be rolled out in three to six months. Sivan said, “With high penetration of mobile Internet, we tested online consulting for issues related to dermatology post first consultation.”

The company is also planning to foray into pharmacies. Sridhar said they are looking to tie-up with pharmacies for door-to-door delivery of subscription-based drugs. Unlike online pharmacy, these drugs will be delivered to people through the clinic’s pharmacist, especially for those opting for online consultation.

The company will launch a fitness lounge that will include facilities like consultation with a nutritionist and sports therapist, in addition to the regular fitness regime, in another two months.

“The lounge will be accessible to all members for free,” he added. The company is considering tying-up with food delivery service providers, who will also deliver food based on the diet plan, on request.

In order to further enhance customer service, the company is looking to collaborate with cab aggregators. “The customer who has booked an appointment will get the option to choose a cab,” he added.