Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), a constituent unit of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), and FIS Global Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd (a subsidiary of FIS, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, US), have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to launch B Tech programme in Computer Science and Financial Technology.

Quoting Vishad Gupta, Head of Global Delivery Organization, FIS, a media statement said this partnership will refine the curriculum with FIS inputs, equipping students with a deep understanding of market needs and a competitive edge upon graduation. Experiential learning through joint course delivery by FIS experts and MIT-Manipal faculty will immerse students in the dynamic FinTech ecosystem, preparing them for real-world challenges.

“Our vision is to empower the next generation of tech-savvy professionals with ethics and innovation to lead in the digital technology and financial sectors. This transformative collaboration bridges academia and industry, setting new standards of excellence in education and industry relevance,” Gupta said.

Lt Gen MD Venkatesh, Vice-Chancellor of MAHE, said the interdisciplinary B Tech in Computer Science and Financial Technology programme is designed to foster students’ comprehensive understanding of contemporary technology, robust mathematical and financial acumen, and innovative thinking, all while instilling strong ethical values. The curriculum includes exposure to the latest trends in Computational Statistics and Mathematics, Software Development Models, Economics and Econometric Models, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and Trading, he said.

Commander Anil Rana, Director of MIT, said the collaborative efforts of the Department of Humanities and Management, the Department of Computer Science Engineering, and the Department of Mathematics have meticulously designed the programme’s curriculum, incorporating inputs from key stakeholders, including prominent industrial professionals and academicians.