Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), a joint venture of PSUs under the Ministry of Power, has been selected by the International Solar Alliance (ISA) to facilitate implementation of 5,00,000 Solar Water Pumping Systems.

These Solar Water Pumping Systems will be rolled out in ISA member countries that are participating in its ‘Scaling of Solar Application for Agricultural Use’ programme.

EESL will be responsible for the implementation of the programme in the participating countries that include India, Bangladesh, Sudan, Uganda, Senegal and Mauritius, among others.

ISA, an alliance of more than 121 countries, has aggregated demand for over 500,000 Solar Water Pumping systems from 13 member countries. ISA’s first programme − ‘Scaling of Solar Application for Agricultural Use’ aims to promote decentralised solar applications for agricultural and rural use.

Rajneesh Rana, General Manager, EESL said: “We look forward to replicating the success of our ongoing solar projects and agricultural pumps programme in the ISA member countries. We will leverage the wealth of our experience in implementing large-scale energy-efficiency and renewable energy programmes in India and combine that experience with ISA’s long-term vision.”

“Our aim is to help farmers in getting easy and affordable day-time access to irrigation. This is a major step towards decentralised power solutions that also help in reducing carbon emission,” he said.

ISA, which is an international inter-governmental treaty-based organisation headquartered in Gurugram, aims to provide a platform for prospective member countries to collaborate and address the identified gaps through a common agreed approach.

EESL is implementing multiple energy efficiency projects across sectors, including LED, buildings, smart-meters, streetlights, solarisation of agricultural feeders, solar lamps, agricultural pump sets, and electric vehicles. EESL’s approach of aggregation of demand and efficient bid management leads to reduction in procurement costs.