Technology is playing a major role with innovative solution providers, including apps, wearable devices, and GPS trackers, among others. New technologies are being launched to address a range of women’s safety issues.

To allay the fear that lingers over women about their safety, here are the five apps that can be used:


Letstrack is a GPS and vehicle security system by enabling hardware and software solutions to power the Internet of Things (IoT). It is the First Voice integrated vehicle security system. Letstrack offers - real-time tracking, 24-hour history, zone alerts, SOS alarm, and better connectivity.


bSafe is a personal safety app that creates a ‘social safety network’ of individuals who gets a notification in case of an emergency or in situations where the user feels unsafe. It has bSafe alarm that sends the exact location and audio-video of the surrounding areas to the contact previously selected by users.

It sets a timer that will automatically send an alarm to friends if they don't return in time to turn it off or initiate a fake call into their phone if they want an interruption.

My safety pin

SafetyPin app acts as a guide in choosing the safest route. While reaching an unsafe location, the app gives alerts, and one can invite family or friends to track the ride. The safety of an area is measured using various parameters like public transport, visibility, and security among others, the company mentioned.


It is a wearable women safety device with two buttons on the side that can be used to send a message or contact the guardian member. It also syncs with the user’s cell phone to start audio recording.

In case of a risky situation, the concerned member who receives the alert can immediately dial the emergency number 911 from within the app.

Eyewatch SOS for women

It captures audio and video of the user’s surroundings and sends it to the registered contacts along with an alert message. The app claims that it has high location accuracy, functioning without GPRS, and Safety confirmation feature. On reaching the location safely, the user can inform their near ones by pressing the I am Safe button. It is available on Google Play Store and iTunes.