Ahead of the unveiling of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir in Ayodhya in a grand ceremony today, several corporate honchos have expressed their good wishes. Here is a quick take of all the reactions pouring in from India Inc;

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Anand Mahindra: It won’t surprise you that my #MondayMotivation this morning is the #MaryadaPurushottam Lord Ram. Because he is a figure that transcends Religion. No matter what one’s faith is, we are all drawn to the concept of being dedicated to living with honour and strong values. His arrows are targeted at evil & injustice. The state of ‘Ram Rajya’—ideal governance—is an aspiration for all societies. Today, the word ‘RAM’ belongs to the world.

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Gautam Adani: On this auspicious day, as the Ayodhya Mandir’s doors open, let it be a gateway to enlightenment and peace, binding the communities with the timeless threads of Bharat’s spiritual and cultural harmony.