Lalit Jha, the Chief US Correspondent of the news agency, Press Trust of India (PTI), and Om Jha, a Georgia Tech computer science student, have secured a patent for developing a virtual newsroom system for journalists and newsrooms.

The 2023 Cision report highlights the top concerns for journalists and newsrooms. About 58 per cent of journalists prioritise content and news accuracy as their foremost concern. An additional 27 per cent focus on maintaining credibility and combating fake news. This patent addresses these concerns by providing a virtual newsroom system that streamlines content transactions within a unified platform, offering a straightforward solution for journalists and organisations to buy and sell content seamlessly in one integrated environment, according to a statement.

The virtual newsroom system harnesses innovative AI and machine learning to verify news authenticity. It maintains a database of media outlets, journalists, and topics.

As the media landscape undergoes a technological renaissance, 5WH, powered by a virtual newsroom patent promises to bring a revolution in journalism, connecting journalists and editors through technology, ensuring that high-quality content reaches a global audience seamlessly.