Kerala government has identified 22 priority sectors for ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for the State and aims to create a transparent business environment with great opportunities for investment, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said.

Addressing delegates online at the Kerala Development Conference organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in collaboration with the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC), he said the government aims to make Kerala a knowledge-based society and transform it into an innovative society. Kerala, which is a connectivity hub, has high-quality infrastructure and investors can take advantage of e-governance and technological advancement.

The government has created a unique development initiative by making maximum use of technology. The Chief Minister pointed out that many regulations have been relaxed as part of industry-friendly measures and steps have been taken to ensure transparency.

One of our key achievements, he said, is the introduction of the online platform K-Swift (Single Window Clearance Mechanism). This innovative platform integrates various departments and agencies, streamlining the various processes, and eliminating the unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles for investors. Currently, the State is working towards integrating K-Swift with the National Single Window System to further enhance Kerala’s ease of doing business, he added.

“In relation to K-Swift we have taken significant steps to simplify business regulations and ensure transparency and accountability. Manual instructions have been replaced by the Kerala Central Inspection System (K-CIS). It not only streamlines the processes, but also promotes transparency and eliminates any room for corruption,” said Vijayan.

“We have actively pursued minimising the regulatory compliance burden exercise. This has successfully eliminated or reduced a staggering 1,928 burdensome compliances for businesses and citizens since its introduction in 2021. By minimising regulatory burdens, we aim to create a predictable and transparent business environment that nurtures growth, encourages investments, and stimulates economic prosperity”, he said.

The government has implemented various initiatives to support entrepreneurs and investors. It enabled the industrial ecosystem through initiatives like the Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission.

Exhorting entrepreneurs, the Chief Minister said “Kerala is ready to welcome you and the doors of opportunities are wide open. The government is always ready to assist you so that we can shape the future of Kerala and India”.