PM participated in the function to celebrate 200 years of Daily Mumbai Samachar in Mumbai today. He also released a postal stamp to commemorate the occasion.

He said the media’s public education campaigns on digital payments have helped the country to become a leading nation in digital transactions. “The campaigns run by media have helped the country,” said Modi. “You will be happy that 40 per cent of the world’s digital transactions take place in India,” he added.  

Praising the contribution of the media, Modi said, “In the last two years during the corona period those journalists who worked selflessly for the benefit of the nation will be always remembered”. Modi added that the media’s positive role has helped the country to fight the biggest problem the world has faced in the last 100 years. 

“The role of newspapers and media is to communicate news, educate people, to bring forward if there is a lacuna in society or government. If the media has the right to criticise, similarly it has the big responsibility to bring forward positive news” he said. 

He added, “In the last few years one of the big sections of media has enthusiastically adopted campaigns related to social welfare. The country is experiencing a positive impact of the same. If villages and the poor in the country are experiencing better lives because of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, some people in the media have played a big role, a praiseworthy role. I am confident that media will expand its positive role in the 75th year of the country’s freedom”  

Prime Minister said this country is a country of a rich tradition that is carried forward through the medium of debates and discussions. “For thousands of years, we have conducted healthy debate, healthy criticism, and right reasoning as a part of the social system. We have open and healthy discussions on very difficult social topics. This has been the practice of India, which we have to strengthen”, he said.

Maharashtra cities are growth centres
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Jal Bhushan Building and Gallery of Revolutionaries at Raj Bhawan in Mumbai on Tuesday.
Speaking at the occasion the Prime Minister said that Mumbai is the city of dreams, however, there are many such cities in Maharashtra, which are going to be the growth centres of the country in the 21st century. With this thinking, on one hand, the infrastructure of Mumbai is being modernized and at the same time, modern facilities are being increased in other cities as well, he added.