Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scheme for distribution of LED bulbs, under the domestic efficient lighting programme, and a National Programme for LED-based Home and Street Lighting.

Under the scheme, consumers in Delhi will be able to request for LED bulbs under the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme through a new website launched by Modi on Monday.

Consumers can register for this scheme either through the website ( or by sending an SMS to a designated number.

According to an official statement, under the programme, consumers will pay ₹130 per LED bulb as compared to market prices, which range from ₹350 to ₹600.

“LED bulbs shall be distributed in a phased manner from March 2015 onwards. The entire project of installing LED bulbs for domestic and street-lighting in 100 cities is targeted for completion by March 2016,” the statement said.

The Prime Minister also called for district-level goals, and to prioritise this scheme in all towns with a population over one lakh.

LED bulbs, which have longer lives, are considered to be highly energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.

In general, LED bulbs are expected to have a life 50 times longer than ordinary bulbs and 8-10 times longer than CFLs.