Along with Science, Liberal Arts and Humanities must be given equal attention, said President Ram Nath Kovind while addressing the Higher Education Summit organised by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) here on Wednesday.

"I am happy that universities have already made progress with inter-disciplinary approach, combining courses in Mathematics with music and artificial intelligence with animal husbandry. Much more work is required on this account," he said.

Emphasising on research, he added that if India establishes robust academia and industry linkages, it has the potential to become a Research and Development (R&D) capital of the world.

"The world of tomorrow would be driven by knowledge, digital pathways and to prepare ourselves for this transformation and to leverage its limitless opportunities, we have to re-task our higher education with new courses and deeper research orientation," added Kovind.

The summit on 'Creative Economy, Nation Building: Higher Education as the catalyst' was organised by FICCI in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resources and Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Speaking about the regional imbalance in the quality of education, he said, " We are trying to narrow the gap but lot more initiatives are required."

Talking about the National Education Policy, he said that it would  lay out the path for transforming the Indian education landscape that is suited to the 21st century