As the BJP’s Prime Ministerial aspirant Narendra Modi gears up for his ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ beginning Wednesday, the upcoming Lok Sabha elections have provided netizens a field day to create online humour.

Have a question for Narendra Modi? Or curious to know how the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)’s PM nominee would run the country if voted to power? Or interested to have a candid Q&A session with Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi?

Social media has some good humour in store for you.

Sample this, an unofficial web site — — offers the reader a detailed explanation of how Modi plans to run India if elected Prime Minister.

The site also lures the reader by offering a button ‘Get Details’ to access the plans of the BJP leader.

The humour starts when the reader gets tempted to click the button which starts changing its location, preventing the reader from actually clicking it.

Two Twitter users from Mumbai — Alexander Gounder and Vidyut — have developed the site, which apart from giving fun, makes smart satire on the political figure.

“There used to be a site on this domain which came under controversy and was deleted. We found this domain orphaned and thought that ideas must not die out of fear. We have no idea what was on the site before, except that it pissed off a lot of people,” the disclaimer by the operators read.

Similarly, two engineers from Bangalore have developed an interactive internet page called ‘Ask Rahul Anything’, where the users actually get a feel of having a candid chat with Rahul Gandhi. The fun part is that irrespective of the questions keyed-in by the user in the given box, a pre-set answer in the words of Gandhi appears on the screen.

The page has registered close to one million visitors and over 46,000 Facebook ‘likes’ since January 28, claimed Jain.

“We thought of making this page mainly after watching Gandhi’s interview on the news channel. Many people like us felt that Gandhi’s answers were very general fit into every context. People were left curious and they needed a medium to shout it out, we just provided that,” said Paras Jain, one of the two partners.

Twenty six-year-old Jain is an alumnus of of IIT-Bombay and started the EngageDino web start-up about five months back. The portal provides interactive social media solutions for brand awareness.

The statistics shared by Jain on the ‘Ask Rahul Gandhi Anything’ showed that people literally asked the Gandhi scion anything. Some of the top questions asked to Rahul Gandhi included ‘What is the value of pi?’, ‘What is 2+2?’, ‘What is the capital of India?’ and ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?,’ among many others.